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Wow. Loved the originality, the art, music, voices - just overall amazing job from everyone involved. Can't wait to see other work from you in future!

Beautiful art, but the audio needs work...

Visually this piece is extremely solid in it's construction and presentation and it is really awesome to watch, but the vocal performance was very weak and sometimes difficult to understand. Also, since there was even very little vocal performance and really no sound effects, the music should have compensated and it was simply too soft and mellow for the dramatic story that is being introduced. It has a lot of potential, but I would definitely work on your audio presentation for the next segment. Good work otherwise! 8/10


Hahaha! That is absolutely perfect for that song! And the thought bubbles made it even more hilarious. Definitely the best parody I have ever seen of that song!

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Much Better

This is definitely an improvement over the last episode in just about every aspect - the story is starting to flow more naturally and the characters seem more comfortable with their roles. Mixing and writing was nice and a lot cleaner too. Awesome - on to part 2 :D


This is really a great script and the execution of it was quite good. Mixing sounded excellent, particularly the ghosts at the end and other subtle nuances added. My only comments for improvement would be first to say that I think Xerrat could have been a little more dynamic or extreme in his emotions, in the sense that a lot of his delivery had a similar voice quality to it and he sounded very calm during some intense lines. To his credit, he really picked up on the emotion a lot more in the end, but I would have liked to see more from the beginning. Also, a few of the lines were difficult to make out at the beginning when the Detective first began speaking, but it cleared up fairly quickly - I'm not sure if this was mixing or simply the actor's delivery.
That aside, this is a great project and showed some awesome talent all around. Great job!

Eisaysek responds:

Glad you liked it. Check back in a while. We (me and strength-in-virtue) are going to make a half-hour epic spin-off of this.

Good start

Not bad, the bass could be lighter though as it's too driving for the softer type of piece you seem to be going for. You only hit the low chords like that if you're playing beneath a full band, you don't need the power as a solo instrument. The melody isn't too bad either, but it's a little aimless (which may be what you're going for) so it's kind of hard to evaluate in that concern. One way to maybe improve further is to make some more interesting chord choices, and add some surprise sounds now and again to keep your listener interested even if the melody doesn't have an exact direction they can follow.

Hope that can help! 7/10, 3/5

DJFilteredFantasy responds:

It's definitely supposed to be aimless. Like what you feel after you've lost someone you love. The chords are meant to be kind of the force that pulls the song along, but i know what you are saying. The song is meant to be like a person wandering, maybe through the streets after a city has been wiped out. going through their stuff, it's supposed to be familiar, but saddening. Then near the end you find another person maybe. Then walk off together. I guess....that's just the feeling i get from the song...

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Love this concept and imagery - great portrayal of all the characters, and this is a perfect shot to capture that summarizes the story. The character's expressions and body language are particularly engaging to the scene, and it definitely pulls heartstrings. Really love this - fantastic job!

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